Stop pain before it stops you..... It is the discipline not the desire that determines the destiny.....

Welcome to MSM Pain Clinic!

Musculoskeletal-related pain can be due to injuries to, or various conditions of, muscles, ligaments, joints, limb bones and the spine. The MSM Pain Clinic provides a comprehensive approach for your pain assessment and management. The main focus is on identifying and addressing the source of pain, rather than suppressing the pain with medication.

If you are suffering with neck, shoulder, back, buttocks or leg pain after your operation or you do not want to have an operation, then the MSM Pain Clinic can help you. We also help people who are suffering from chronic widespread pain or with complex regional pain syndrome.

The MSM Pain Clinic uses a multi-model approach to pain management, which includes, but is not limited to, education and explanation of your condition (to determine possible sources of pain and factors that may play a role in the continuation of your pain) and pain intervention either by injection or by various other means. The aim is to reduce suffering, reduce dependence on medication, and to empower you by giving you the necessary tools to help manage your pain and prevent its recurrence.